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Fact sheets and infographics

The Australian Banking Association provides information to the public about banking and financial issues that affect all Australians.

If you cannot access any of the fact sheets, please freecall 1800 009 180 and we will arrange to get you a copy of the information that you require.

Credit cards in Australia
10 Aug 2015
This infographic provides a snapshot of the credit card market in Australia, including the different products and interest rates on offer so consumers can choose the card that best suits their needs.
Strong banks, strong Australia
27 Feb 2015
This fact sheet explores how Australia’s strong banks sit at the core of our economy, enabling Australian households and businesses to prosper and grow.
Making a power of attorney – Step-by-step guide
1 Sep 2014
Sometimes unexpected things happen, such as an injury or illness preventing you from being able to work, or you may be on holiday or working overseas for a short time and need someone to look after your financial and legal affairs. A power of attorney is a way to control who makes decisions for you if you're unable to do so yourself.
How can I increase my savings?
1 Sep 2014
Banking is not just about handling your day-to-day finances now. Managing your money is also about planning for the future, and having money put aside in case something unexpected happens. Of course, it's wise to get into good savings habits early to try and build your money, and eventually to invest for the longer term.
Understanding insurance
1 Sep 2014
Insurance plays a significant role in our lives. We all need to think about our financial and life circumstances and how we can reduce the risk of financial loss so we can better protect our families, assets, lifestyles and life goals. But how do you know what kind of insurance you need or how much insurance cover is enough?
Budgeting made easy
1 Sep 2014
No matter what your financial situation is, being good with money is a core life skill. Whether you have a little or a lot, there are some basic practices that can help you take control and stay on top of your finances. Maybe you have your first job and want to learn how to accurately budget. Perhaps you're saving up for a major purchase, such as your first home. Maybe you're looking for some ways to cut back your expenses. Maybe you're experiencing financial difficulty and need to find ways to take control of your money and finances. Or you may need help putting in place some realistic savings goals.
Keeping on top of your superannuation
1 Sep 2014
If you're like most Australians, after your home, superannuation will be your most important investment. Not only is it likely to be one of the biggest investments you'll have by dollar value, it will also be the investment you depend on when you no longer work for an income. Increasing life expectancies means the superannuation of many Australians will have to last them for a retirement of 20 or 30 years. How much you have in superannuation will influence your standard of living in retirement. So taking an early interest in your superannuation can really pay off.
Doing it tough? Dealing with debt
1 Sep 2014
Even though Australia's economy is doing well, lots of Australians are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Recent changes in the global financial environment as well as the domestic economy have affected bank customers. Additional pressures, such as illness or job loss, can result in difficulties in managing debts. If you encounter problems with your bank loans or credit cards, it's best to get in touch with your bank as quickly as possible to work out a strategy for keeping on top of your debts. Banks want to help you during periods of financial hardship, but you must contact them as early as possible for assistance.
Basic bank accounts
30 Oct 2013
Money and banking are a part of daily life. Banks offer all sorts of financial products and services for a wide range of customers – from accounts for everyday use, to loans for a house or car, credit cards and more complex products. While many people don’t need the more sophisticated products on offer, almost everyone needs a transaction account for everyday banking and saving – an account you can make deposits into, withdraw cash from, and use to pay bills. Australian banks offer a range of affordable basic transaction accounts to make banking services more accessible to Australians. This fact sheet provides information about these accounts, including the common account features and eligibility criteria.
Households paying less in bank fees – FAQs
20 Jun 2013
The Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) issues a report each year which analyses the data on fees for banks’ products and services. The report is called ‘Fees for Banking Services 2013’. This fact sheet provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about bank fees for households. It has been compiled to help inform the debate about banking services, so the debate can be based on the facts.

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A sensible path forward for Open Banking
10 May 2018
Open Banking will allow customers, at their request, to share their personal information with other financial institutions to allow them to find a better deal on expenses such as electricity bills, telecommunications and other items.
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