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Research papers and reports

ABA papers explore topical issues affecting banks in Australia to promote public policy discussion.

Banking Reform Program Edelman Report on Consumer Study - Wave Two
18 Jan 2018
This report shows that Australians believe banks are heading in the right direction, becoming more customer focused and are starting to see the Banking Reform Program – Better Banking deliver results.
Taxes and other levies paid to governments in Australia by the banking industry
27 Jun 2017
This report shows that the banking industry pays the most tax of any industry in Australia, with more than $14 billion in tax paid to governments in 2016.
Fees for banking services 2017
15 Jun 2017
This report shows that the number of customer transactions, loans and accounts are increasing but growth in fees paid by households and businesses remains low.
Agriculture in Australia: activity and financing
19 Sep 2016
This report highlights the importance of the agriculture industry to the Australian economy and the community, and how much banks lend for agriculture.
Australian jobs in banking
18 Aug 2016
This report looks at employment in the finance and insurance industry, including the characteristics of banking employees, wages and flexible working conditions.
Taxes and other levies paid by banks
11 Aug 2016
This report looks at the contribution of the Australian banking industry to government revenue through taxes and other levies, and compares this with the tax rates paid by banks in other countries and with the tax paid by other industries in Australia.
Fees for banking services 2016
16 Jun 2016
This report analyses how much households and businesses are paying in bank fees, taking into account the increasing transaction volumes.
The small business sector in Australia
12 May 2016
Find out about the small business sector driving our economy and how much banks lend to the sector.
Key facts about Australia’s banks’ earnings
10 Nov 2015
This report discusses the financial performance of Australia’s main retail banks in 2015, and the benefits of having strong and profitable banks.
The outlook for Australia is strong - if we all pull together
1 Nov 2015
The ABA has identified key areas to support economic growth and maintain Australians’ high living standards in the future, including fiscal repair and productivity growth.

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A sensible path forward for Open Banking
10 May 2018
Open Banking will allow customers, at their request, to share their personal information with other financial institutions to allow them to find a better deal on expenses such as electricity bills, telecommunications and other items.
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Anna Bligh, ABA CEO, Australian Banking Association
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