Industry Standards - Accessibility

The ABA's Industry Standards on Accessibility of Electronic Banking – Standard on Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Standard on Electronic Funds Transfer at the Point of Sale (EFTPOS), Standard on Automated Telephone Banking, and Standard on Internet Banking – are currently under review. These voluntary standards were introduced in 2002 and there has been significant changes in retail banking, technology and customer expectations over this time.

As part of the review, the ABA will be consulting with relevant stakeholders on updating these standards to ensure the ongoing accessibility of banking in a changing world. Customers have different needs with their banking transactions, and the banking industry is committed to making sure that all customers’ needs are served well across different banking channels. It is anticipated that the review will be completed in 2017.

During the review period, member banks are encouraged to continue to meet the standards. There are a number of more recent international standards which may also be useful guidance on making sure ATMs, EFTPOS facilities, telephone and internet banking are accessible. Banks operating in Australia are required to meet their various legal obligations, including under the Disability Discrimination Act.

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