Industry Guidelines

The industry guidelines aim to improve transparency and reduce potential conflicts of interest when appointing third party experts such as valuers, investigative accountants and receivers.

ABA Response to the Farrell Report into Open Banking
26 Mar 2018
Australia’s banks are committed to the success of open data which, if delivered properly, can empower customers to use their data from across the economy to make the best choices for their circumstances and preferences.
The Combined Industry Forum’s response to ASIC Report 516: Review of mortgage broker remuneration
11 Dec 2017
This paper responds to the proposals outlined in ASIC's 2016 Review of Mortgage Broker Remuneration and takes into account the third party recommendations of the Australian Bankers’ Association 2016/2017 Retail Banking Remuneration Review (Sedgwick Review).
Electronic Conveyancing — significant commercial refinance transactions
28 Nov 2017
This is the standard letter for use covering exceptions/waivers for mandated refinancing transactions for Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.
Appointing property valuers when lending to small businesses and primary producers
24 Nov 2017
This industry guideline explains bank property valuation practices and outlines the minimum standards customers can expect of banks when they appoint an external valuer to assess the market value of a commercial or agricultural property for loan security purposes.
Appointing investigating accountants and insolvency practitioners to small businesses and primary producers
24 Nov 2017
This industry guideline outlines the minimum standards expected of banks when working with small businesses, commercial or agricultural businesses in cases of financial difficulty.

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A sensible path forward for Open Banking
10 May 2018
The announcement by the Federal Government of a phased approach for introducing Open Banking is a sensible path forward for this important reform, enabling banks to design a secure system which benefits Australian consumers.
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Customers at centre of mortgage industry overhaul
Christine Cupitt, Executive Director - Policy, Australian Banking Association
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