How have Australians’ spending habits evolved? Let’s checkout Rachel's routine to find out more!

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Payment architecture

Overnight, Rachel’s wage is paid directly into her account. In Australia, most payments occur efficiently in the background. The payments system is made up of an invisible architecture with many safeguards in place to ensure our money goes where we want, when we want.

Payment devices

To pay for her train to work, Rachel taps the gate with her smartwatch.

Card usage

Near her office Rachel buys a morning coffee with a debit card rather than cash.

Inter-bank transfer

At work Rachel pays for a delivery using PayID. She knows she’s sending money to the right person and they receive the transfer immediately.

New payment services

Rachel meets her uncle for lunch and helps him download an app so they can easily split the bill.

Branch in your hand

As she waits for friends for dinner, Rachel catches up on her banking tasks. She doesn’t need to wait in line at a bank branch to do her banking as she can do most of it on her phone.

Card details

After dinner Rachel uses an app to book her ride home and has the amount automatically debited as she already has her payment details saved in the app.

Invisible payments

After she falls asleep Rachel’s bills are paid without her having to do anything, as most are set up by direct debit.

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