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International Capital Framework Comparability
12 Nov 2018
While the ABA supports ‘unquestionably strong’ capital ratios, the ABA agrees with APRA that this embedded conservatism makes it more difficult and/or costly for Australian ADIs to access international capital markets if these Australian differences are not well understood, particularly during times of market dislocation.
APRA Discussion Paper: Revisions to the related entities framework for ADIs
4 Oct 2018
The ABA is cognisant of the size and complexity of the task APRA has in finalising and calibrating a number of significant reforms to the Australian prudential framework. The ABA looks forward to continued dialogue to ensure an appropriate implementation of the capital framework for Australian ADIs.
Revisions to the minimum capital requirements for market risk
20 Jun 2018
This consultation is a step forward in improving the risk sensitivity, consistency and operational process of some aspects of the market risk framework. However, certain aspects of the framework remain excessively onerous, unduly complex and unrepresentative of the actual risk intended to be mitigated in smaller markets such as Australia.
Revisions to the capital framework for ADIs
15 Jun 2018
The ABA welcomes the APRA discussion paper which includes proposed revisions to the capital framework, as well as other changes to better align the framework to risks, including in relation to housing lending.
Information security management: A new cross-industry prudential standard
7 Jun 2018
The ABA welcomes APRA’s steps to strengthen the industry’s cyber resilience and also supports measures that will require all regulated entities to lift their cyber security capabilities.
Leverage ratio requirement for ADIs
1 May 2018
The Australian Banking Association (ABA) appreciates the opportunity to provide APRA with comments on the Discussion Paper: Leverage ratio requirement for authorised deposit-taking institutions
BEAR Regime - Size of an ADI - Draft Legislative Instrument
20 Apr 2018
The ABA recommends that the draft legislative instrument be amended so that a ‘small ADI’ would be defined as having less than or equal to $30 billion total resident assets rather than the current definition of having less than or equal to $10 billion total resident assets (on a three-year average).
Australian Bankers’ Association submission on authorising new entrants to the banking industry
4 Dec 2017
The ABA has commented on APRA’s Discussion Paper, Licensing: A phased approach to authorising new entrants to the banking industry.
Australian Bankers’ Association submission on counterparty credit risk for ADIs
13 Oct 2017
The ABA lodged a submission to APRA's discussion paper on counterparty credit risk for ADIs.
The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on crisis resolution powers
14 Sep 2017
The ABA provided comments to Treasury regarding the Exposure Draft of the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017 and the associated draft Explanatory Memorandum.

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