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Accessibility Principles
8 December 2023

Accessibility and Inclusion Principles for Banking Services The Accessibility and Inclusion Principles for Banking Services (the Principles) promote equitable access, usability, and inclusivity for customers with disability and their carers to banking services. The Principles are the foundation for designing, developing, and delivering banking services that are inclusive and accessible to everyone. By adhering to… Read more »

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Fact Sheet: Communication During Foreclosure
10 July 2023

This document aims to provide an overview for financial counsellors and caseworkers of the steps banks take to communicate with residents that are not their customers (including tenants and family members) during a foreclosure process. 

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Branch Closure Support Protocol
23 June 2023

The recently updated Branch Closure Support Protocol is an enforceable industry standard designed to improve transparency, ensure better communication, and improve customer support when bank branches close.

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Fact Sheet: Seeking eligible interest holder consent from your bank
22 November 2022

This document aims to help farm businesses understand the process your bank will undertake when providing consent for a carbon or biodiversity projects through a state based or federal government scheme.

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ABA Sanctions Guidelines
5 September 2022

These ABA Sanctions Guidelines are intended for Australian Banking Association (ABA) member banks. The guidelines are not legally binding. They aim to set out good industry practice for ABA members and their staff in relation to sanctions requirements. These Guidelines are limited to obligations applicable to Australian financial institutions under Australian sanctions laws administered by… Read more »

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ABA Competition Law Policy and Protocol
5 September 2022

It is the policy and objective of the ABA and its Council, and each of its member banks, to observe and strictly comply with all applicable provisions of the CCA with respect to the conduct of the ABA Activities or any other applicable instruments, such as authorisations granted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission…. Read more »

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ABA Industry Guideline: Financial Difficulty
26 October 2021

This industry guideline: explains how the Commonwealth consumer protection laws and the Banking Code of Practice apply to banks’ financial difficulty programs. provides practical guidance on what banks can do to meet these obligations when dealing with customers who may be experiencing financial difficulty. outlines a framework for banks that balances the need for consistent,… Read more »

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Customer Advocate Guiding Principles
1 July 2021

These guiding principles are designed to assist banks when designing, appointing and reviewing the role of Customer Advocate. Customer Advocates should be a voice for customers within their bank. They should endeavour to make things easier for bank customers by helping to facilitate fair outcomes and minimising the likelihood of future problems. ABA Customer Advocates… Read more »

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