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Tropical Cyclone Seroja: Emergency Assistance

Financial Assistance Hub

A step-by-step guide out of financial difficulty

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Media Releases
15 April 2021
Support available for customers affected by Tropical Cyclone Seroja
Media Releases
4 April 2021
Banks unite to help customers experiencing financial abuse
Media Releases
31 March 2021
Banks call for consistent laws to prevent elder abuse
Media Releases
21 March 2021
Support available for customers affected by NSW floods

Our Pillars

The ABA’s mission is to support our member banks to build a strong, stable and trusted banking system, to grow the Australian economy and build the financial well-being of all Australians.

Banking in Australia

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The Banking Code

Australian banks continue to update the Banking Code of Practice to better meet community expectations. Find out more

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A new digital economy

Temporary COVID legislation has allowed electronic mortgages and company docs and remote video witnessing. Those changes should stay.

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Elder Abuse

Financial abuse is a serious and far reaching problem that can happen to anyone, but some people, like the elderly, are at greater risk.

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Open Banking

Open Banking will give customers more control over their banking transaction data. Get details and the timeline of key dates.

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