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Scams - hear the alarm bells

Scams are growing ever more complex and sophisticated. Take effective, preventative steps to protect yourself against fraud and scams.

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8 June 2023
Transcript: Interview with Hamish MacDonald, ABC RN Breakfast, 8 June 2023
Media Releases
7 June 2023
ABA welcomes future proofing of Australia’s payments system as Treasurer announces biggest overhaul in 35 years 
Media Releases
7 June 2023
Mobile wallet transactions skyrocket to $93 billion, as 98.9% of bank interactions take place digitally 
Media Releases
6 June 2023
Statement regarding today’s decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

Our Pillars

The ABA’s mission is to support our member banks to build a strong, stable and trusted banking system, to grow the Australian economy and build the financial well-being of all Australians.

Banking in Australia

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The Banking Code

Australian banks continue to update the Banking Code of Practice to better meet community expectations. Find out more


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