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New Financial Assistance Hub

New Financial Assistance Hub

A step-by-step guide out of financial difficulty covering home loans, credit cards, personal loans/ buy now pay later, agribusiness, including SMEs.

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21 September 2023
Anna Bligh interviewed by ABC RN’s Hamish McDonald on branches and changing customer trends
ABA News
14 September 2023
Online gambling credit card ban one step closer 
ABA News
14 September 2023
New identity verification safeguards a step in the right direction  
Media Releases
6 September 2023
Banks raise the bar in new Banking Code    

Our Pillars

The ABA’s mission is to support our member banks to build a strong, stable and trusted banking system, to grow the Australian economy and build the financial well-being of all Australians.

Banking in Australia

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0 Number of bank employees in Australia
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0 Dividends paid by banks to shareholders
0 Tax paid by banks
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The Banking Code

Australian banks continue to update the Banking Code of Practice to better meet community expectations. Find out more


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