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The ABA has produced a wide spectrum of Australian banking and banking-related infographics, from the impact of COVID-19 on lending, the rise and fall of loan deferrals, to scams data, transactions, changes in payment types, agribusiness lending to the drop in Net Interest Margins (NIM)s over the past two decades.

Household savings ratio

The latest national accounts show the household savings ratio at 3.2% in the December quarter

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Agribusiness: 2023

174,471 Australian Agribusinesses have been lent $117 billion

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Households: 2023

Australian households hold $2.2 trillion in mortgages and $1.4 trillion in deposits

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Banking Data

Tax: 2022

Australian banks paid $10.7 billion in corporate tax in FY22

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Lending to agribusiness

Bank lending to agribusiness has risen to a record $104.7b as at September 2022.

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Banking Data

Construction lending in Australia

•In July 2022, banks had around $22b in outstanding loans to the construction industry.
•This breaks down to roughly $13b for resident

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Scams: A snapshot

Mobile Apps averaged $18k per scam. 12% of reported scams resulted in financial losses for a total of $336 million lost.

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Banking Data

Banking by numbers: 2023

There are 95 banks in Australia and
200,091 bank employees serving 22.9 million customers.

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