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The ABA Council

There are 16 members of the ABA Council.

The Council is led by the Chair, Ross McEwan, Chief Executive Officer of National Australia Bank, and the Deputy Chair, Marnie Baker, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Managing Director. The ABA’s Council provides guidance and leadership to the ABA on policy issues which affect the banking and financial sector.

National Australia Bank

Andrew Irvine (Chair)

Marnie Baker CEO of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd

Marnie Baker (Deputy Chair)

Alexis George AMP CEO
AMP Bank Limited

Alexis George

ANZ Banking Group Ltd

Shayne Elliott

Joseph Rizk
Arab Bank

Joseph Rizk

Bank Australia

Damien Walsh

Citigroup Australia/New Zealand

Mark Woodruff

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Matt Comyn

Antony Shaw HSBC CEO
HSBC Bank Australia Ltd

Antony Shaw

ING Bank (Australia) Ltd

Melanie Evans

Stuart Green CEO of Maquarie Bank
Macquarie Bank Ltd

Stuart Green

Bank of Queensland Ltd

Patrick Allaway

Rabobank Australia Ltd

Mark Wiessing

Suncorp Bank

Bruce Rush


Peter King

Australian Banking Association

Anna Bligh

Updated 08 December 2023