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Guiding Principles Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)
22 June 2021

These guiding principles outline measures in place to help customers understand Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), understand the default / LMI claim process, and the consumer protections in the shortfall debt recovery process.  These voluntary principles complement the provisions of the Banking Code of Practice (the Code) set out in Chapter 19 (LMI), Chapter 41 (we… Read more »

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Family Domestic Violence (FDV) Guidelines
21 April 2021

ABA Family Domestic Violence Industry Guideline updated and released in 2021. The guideline acknowledges that banks play a role in working with customers to support them with their banking needs where they are affected by family and domestic violence. However, it is not the role of banks to deal with the broader implications of family… Read more »

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Financial Abuse Industry Guideline
22 February 2021

Preventing and responding to financial abuse (including elder financial abuse) This industry guideline:  Explains what financial abuse can look like and how it can impact customers and a bank’s relationship with their customers; and Outlines a framework for banks to raise awareness and promote consistent arrangements to deal with suspected cases of financial abuse This… Read more »

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Industry Guideline Debt Management Firms (DMF)
22 November 2020

This industry common approach: outlines a clear set of guidelines for when the banks may consider that a DMF, when representing a bank customer, is not acting in the customer’s interests and banks may approach a customer directly; provides clarity and consistency in how member banks may deal with DMFs, recognising the importance of preserving… Read more »

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Financial Hardship Fact Sheet
8 April 2020

This fact sheet sets out some of the ways your bank can help you when you’re experiencing financial difficulty.

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Industry Guideline: Sale of unsecured debt
1 March 2020

ABA member banks will not sell debt if: the debt is statute-barred, or the customer is in the process of disputing that they owe the debt and the bank has not yet finalised its consideration of the issue.

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Request for Power of Attorney
1 March 2020

Responding to requests from a power of attorney or court-appointed administrator. This industry guideline: Explains how financial powers of attorney and court-appointed administrator arrangements apply to banks’ relationships with their customers, and Outlines a framework that banks can use to consistently manage requests from attorneys and administrators. The ABA encourages members to use this guideline… Read more »

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