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New Financial Assistance Hub


The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is the information source for the news media on the Australian banking industry, providing information, analysis and context on industry issues.

The ABA plays an active role in the public dialogue on banking and financial services, providing commentary on broader industry issues and facilitating access to other sources of information.

For media inquiries contact [email protected] or 0475 741 007.

February 2021 Monthly News: assistance hub launched
18 February 2021

“For the first time, banks are unveiling an industry-wide Financial Assistance Hub. The site aims to inform and assist bank customers so they know exactly where they stand, and the support their banks will provide them.”

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December 2020 Monthly News
20 December 2020

“Times of crisis bring us together as a nation and 2020 is no exception. As we approach the year’s end, it’s worth reflecting on the challenges we have overcome together.”

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November 2020 Monthly News
20 November 2020

At the start of November, the number of loans still on deferral had fallen by almost 70%. Just 145,000 home loans remain on hold, and this number is falling every day.

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October 2020 ABA Monthly News
22 October 2020

Despite weaker demand, Australia’s banks have lent $41 billion to small businesses and sole traders since 1 February. That’s an average of $215 million each and every day, for 250 days.

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September 2020 ABA Monthly News
17 September 2020

As people approach the end of their six-month loan deferral, banks will implement a new phase of support to assist customers to return to repayments.

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August 2020 ABA Monthly News
6 August 2020

During Victoria’s Stage 4 lockdown, banking has been classified by the Victorian Government as critical, enabling banking services to continue, with work-related travel (such as restocking and servicing of ATMs) permitted.

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July 2020 ABA Monthly News
1 July 2020

Open Banking officially began in Australia on July 1. It will ramp up across the banking sector over the next few months. Customers will be able to securely share their data to get the best deal possible on credit cards, savings accounts and other deposit products.

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June 2020 ABA Monthly News
4 June 2020

The highest priority for the ABA over the last three months of 2020 has been leading an industry response to COVID-19 to help impacted businesses and customers.

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May 2020 ABA Monthly News
15 May 2020

Over the next few weeks, banks will be contacting customers who don’t have debit cards. Currently there are over half a million Australian bank customers who actively use a passbook account or transaction account with no linked debit card.

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COVID-19 ABA Special Newsletter
23 March 2020

Australian Banking Association CEO Anna Bligh announced a small business relief package from Australia’s banks on Friday the 20th of March.

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January 2020 ABA Monthly News
16 January 2020

Australian banks have hardship teams ready to assist farmers, homeowners, small business owners and volunteers with financial arrangements, depending on circumstances.

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December 2019 Newsletter
5 December 2019

The ACCC has authorised changes to the Banking Code of Practice, in line with recommendations of the Royal Commission, and initiatives of the ABA.

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October 2019 Newsletter
28 October 2019

On 17 October the ABA and a coalition of eight advocacy organisations held the Parliamentary Launch of the #StopElderFinancialAbuse campaign. The ongoing campaign has been run together with our partners Bauer Media, publisher of well known magazines such as the Australian Women’s Weekly.

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September Newsletter
2 September 2019

Last Friday ABA CEO Anna Bligh spoke at COSBOA’s National Small Business Summit, telling the audience ‘banks are open for business’.

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July Update
26 July 2019
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