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Consumer Data Right Bill Inquiry

28 February 2019

The Privacy Safeguards should be aligned with the Australian Privacy Principles where possible, particularly in relation to Privacy Safeguard 4.

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Response to Treasury: Privacy Impact Assessment – Consumer Data Right

18 January 2019

It is important that the Consumer Data Right appropriately balances efficiency in the transfer of data and the risks to consumers’ privacy. The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is an important step in achieving this balance.

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Consumer Data Right Industry Designation

23 October 2018

The ABA believes that each industry would be better served by a designation tailored to their industry, rather than a broad instrument that is attempting to serve as a template.

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Updated Consumer Data Right Exposure Draft

16 October 2018

The ABA believes that having a well-designed reciprocity mechanism within the CDR is key to ensuring customers reap the full benefits of the data that is held regarding them.

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Consumer Data Right Rules Framework – ABA response to ACCC

12 October 2018

ABA members believe that the CDR is a transformative reform and are committed to its success. The CDR has the potential to fuel innovation across the economy and benefit customers through an expanded choice of products and services.

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Consumer Data Right Exposure Draft Response

7 September 2018

ABA members support the introduction of a consumer data right that will encourage innovation and enable customers to benefit from data sharing while ensuring their privacy is safeguarded. Appendix available here.

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ABA Response to the Farrell Report into Open Banking

26 March 2018

Australia’s banks are committed to the success of open data which, if delivered properly, can empower customers to use their data from across the economy to make the best choices for their circumstances and preferences.

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Australian Bankers’ Association submission to the Farrell Inquiry on open banking

22 September 2017

The ABA has put forward an industry-wide model to implement open banking, one that will give customers confidence their data is being shared securely and with their informed consent.

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The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on Data Availability and Use; Productivity Commission Draft Report: Overview & Draft Recommendations

16 December 2016

The ABA provided the Productivity Commission with its comments on Data Availability and Use.

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The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on Data Availability and Use

29 July 2016

The ABA provided comments to the Productivity Commission's Issues Paper on Data Availability and Use. The Issues Paper outlined that a significant public benefit could arise if data collected and stored by government, public bodies and private sector institutions were made more accessible to individuals, third parties and to the general public. The ABA agrees.

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