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The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is the information source for the news media on the Australian banking industry, providing information, analysis and context on industry issues.

The ABA plays an active role in the public dialogue on banking and financial services, providing commentary on broader industry issues and facilitating access to other sources of information.

For media inquiries contact [email protected] or 0475 741 007.

Media Releases
Banking industry launches new campaign to help customers beat the scammers.
11 April 2023

The Australian Banking Association (ABA) has launched a new campaign designed to raise awareness of a series of scam scenarios and steps that should be taken in the fight against scams.

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Media Releases
Scams Awareness: Helping agricultural businesses keep safe from scams
4 November 2022

The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is encouraging farmers and small businesses in regional areas to remain vigilant for potential scams following a significant rise in 2022.

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Media Releases
Australian banks encourage customers to use PayID to combat scams
18 July 2022

“We encourage customers to find out more about PayID and a good place to start is the website payid.com.au”

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2GB: Use PayID and BPAY to combat business email scams
10 November 2021

Unlike paying to a BSB and account number, PayID gives the user the ability to confirm the name of the account holder before they transfer funds.

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Media Releases
Scams Awareness Week: Services to help keep businesses safe from scammers
8 November 2021

Services such as PayID, BPay and e-invoicing will show who you’re paying before you pay, ensuring money is going to the intended account.

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Media Releases
ABA launches new awareness campaign as scams grow
22 September 2021

“Scammers don’t target one group over another, they target all people of all backgrounds, ages and income levels across Australia.”

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