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Find statistics on the impact of COVID-19, the rise and fall of loan deferrals, a timeline of banking measures during COVID-19, the digital revolution in banking, the decline in ATM withdrawals, the impact of scams (and which methods are most profitable, per scam) and more.

Banking by the numbers

Scams in 2022

Banking Customers Continue to Shift to Digital

The Digital Banking Shift

ATM use has been dropping since 2008

Debit card purchases have been rising since 2002

The data of the economic impact of COVID-19 is still being collected. These charts and infographs give a snapshot of banking activity.

COVID-19 Timeline

Read a larger, more in-depth timeline

See a full list of detailed information on Banking Activity during the Pandemic


COVID-19 statistics

Banking Activity Feb - May 2020

Scams in 2021

Scams in 2020