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Find statistics on the impact of COVID-19, the rise and fall of loan deferrals, a timeline of banking measures during COVID-19, the digital revolution in banking, the decline in ATM withdrawals, the impact of scams (and which methods are most profitable, per scam) and more.

Banking by the numbers

COVID-19 Timeline

Read a larger, more in-depth timeline

See a full list of detailed information on Banking Activity during the Pandemic


The use of cash in Australia has dropped while the use of debit cards has risen.

Number of Transactions – Combined Graph

ATM use has been dropping since 2008

Debit card purchases have been rising since 2002

The data of the economic impact of COVID-19 is still being collected. These charts and infographs give a snapshot of banking activity.

COVID-19 statistics

Banking Activity Feb - May 2020

Scams in 2021

Scams in 2020: a summary