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ABA Response to Pottinger Review

13 November 2020

The Review is an important measure in clarifying the definition of small businesses in Australia and the ABA accepts all nine recommendations.

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Mandating eConveyancing in Queensland
5 May 2022

The Australian Banking Association continues to support efforts to accelerate the adoption of electronic mortgages and settlement for the convenience of consumers and the associated economic benefits. The banking industry is supportive of mandating electronic conveyancing in Queensland, which is a pragmatic and natural development from the current regime. Mandating e-conveyancing in Queensland will create greater certainty for consumers and drive greater efficiencies.

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ABA Letter on PPG (110, 112, 113)
30 April 2022

To assist APRA finalise the prudential practice guides (APG 110, APG 112 and APG 113), industry provides the attached feedback in response to:
1) the materials presented to the industry in the APRA-ABA workshop on 8 April; and
2) the subsequent queries to industry on 19 April.

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ARNECC: Independent Health Checks and Readiness Assessments of the Interoperability Reform
21 April 2022

The ABA is supportive of implementing ongoing and independent health checks, to review the risks to and status of the national roll-out of interoperability. The banking industry is also supportive of the proposed three phase approach.

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