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Crypto assets token mapping

6 March 2023

Clarifying the legal regime for crypto assets can make Australia a more attractive destination for legitimate innovation, investment and use of crypto assets and related technology. highlight the case for applying clear and consistent regulation to crypto assets to protect retail investors, apply oversight of financial services including advice, and maintain the transparency and integrity of financial markets. Specifically, ABA supports clarifying expectations and regulatory obligations in relation to scams, in line with the Government’s policy focus on scams prevention and response. This should include capability for ‘notify and take down’ and taking part in funds recovery.

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Treasury Laws Amendment (2023 Measures No. 1) Bill 2023 – Franked distributions funded by capital raisings
2 May 2023

The ABA submission to the Senate Economic Committee, the submission addresses the importance of certainty regarding capital raises and distributions to banks.

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HEC Inquiry Economic Dynamism
20 April 2023

Australian banks operate in a competitive and dynamic environment. They compete with each other and with other financial service providers, including tech companies, to provide products and services to consumers. Given the pace of technological change and transformation, banks are constantly innovating their customer offerings and processes to remain competitive. To compete effectively, banks continually adapt to respond to customer needs and preferences. As such, banks have, over the past several decades, become increasingly digital.

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Employment White Paper Consultation
13 April 2023

This submission details the ABA’s views on key areas of focus including the future of work; equal opportunities for women; future labour force participation.

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