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Crypto assets token mapping

6 March 2023

Clarifying the legal regime for crypto assets can make Australia a more attractive destination for legitimate innovation, investment and use of crypto assets and related technology. highlight the case for applying clear and consistent regulation to crypto assets to protect retail investors, apply oversight of financial services including advice, and maintain the transparency and integrity of financial markets. Specifically, ABA supports clarifying expectations and regulatory obligations in relation to scams, in line with the Government’s policy focus on scams prevention and response. This should include capability for ‘notify and take down’ and taking part in funds recovery.

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ISSB Consultation on agenda priorities
31 August 2023

ABA submission to the ISSB Consultation on Agenda Priorities.

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Climate-related financial disclosures, second-round consultation
21 July 2023

The ABA supports the introduction of mandatory climate-related financial disclosures aligned with the ISSB, and we feel that the proposed model generally strikes an appropriate balance. The submission makes key points across six areas: phased approach, reporting content, reporting location, assurance, continuous disclosure and the modified liability approach.

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ABA submission to ACCC retail deposits inquiry
17 July 2023

The ABA’s submission to the ACCC’s Retail Deposits Inquiry 2023. Australian banks continue to provide a competitive, dynamic, and innovative marketplace for deposits. Banks are also cognisant of the variety of uses for deposit accounts and strive to provide products and services that meet the needs of customers.

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