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The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is the information source for the news media on the Australian banking industry, providing information, analysis and context on industry issues.

The ABA plays an active role in the public dialogue on banking and financial services, providing commentary on broader industry issues and facilitating access to other sources of information.

For media inquiries contact [email protected] or 0475 741 007.

Transcript – Anna Bligh on ABC TV’s Afternoon Briefing… 
17 February 2023

Whether you’re in a remote part of the country, or in the middle of a capital city, the data shows us that if you have reliable internet, then people are choosing to bank and do their basic transactions online

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Transcript: Anna Bligh ABC Radio Melbourne Drive – cybersecurity
8 November 2022

“The bank robbers of the 21st century do not use sawn-off shotguns – they are sitting at a computer trying to get into your account and trying to trick you into letting them in.”

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ABC Radio: interest rates, default rates & bank assistance
4 August 2022

“the earlier that people speak to their bank, the more likely it is that the bank can find a solution that will work and keep the customer out of financial strife.”

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Transcript: Lismore floods – 3 month deferrals still available
8 July 2022

Anna Bligh spoke to ABC Radio North Coast on how banks can help those impacted by floods in the Lismore region.

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Threats and charms: how to avoid scammmers and their tricks
23 September 2021

As more Australians experience financial scams, the ABA has launched a new campaign to raise awareness on the increasing threat of scams, warning Australians to be on the lookout for scam phone calls, texts and emails. FULL TRANSCRIPT: ABA CEO Anna Bligh spoke with ABC Radio’s Ross Marsden. Ross Marsden  The Australian Banking Association has… Read more »

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