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The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is the information source for the news media on the Australian banking industry, providing information, analysis and context on industry issues.

The ABA plays an active role in the public dialogue on banking and financial services, providing commentary on broader industry issues and facilitating access to other sources of information.

For media inquiries contact [email protected] or 0475 741 007.

Media Releases
World Password Day a reminder to stay vigilant against online criminals 
4 May 2023

As scammers grow increasingly sophisticated and scams more complex, this year’s World Password Day is an important reminder to always stay vigilant against online criminals, the Australian Banking Association (ABA) says. 

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Anna Bligh interview with Mark Levy (2GB Syd) on scams, cyber security, bank branches
12 April 2023

“Robbers don’t come with a sawn off shotgun anymore. They come through your phone, and banks are putting their resources where their customers are. And that’s in the digital world.”

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Transcript – Anna Bligh on 4BC Brisbane – Scams and Cybersecurity
16 December 2022

BILL MCDONALD: You may remember I spoke to Blake Talbot yesterday. Now, he got in touch with the show after falling victim to one of the most elaborate and sophisticated scams I think I may have ever heard of. Now, Blake and his pregnant wife have lost their entire life savings of over $26,000. As… Read more »

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Media Releases
Banks protecting customers on cyber security
27 September 2022

Banks have built strong cyber protection systems to keep their customers safe.

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