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Options for customers if a branch temporarily closes due to COVID-19

6 April 2020

Australia’s banks remain open for business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with call centres, online support and branches available to service customers.

There will be circumstances when a local branch may need to close temporarily and this is happening already. This may be as a result of:

  • a significant drop off in traffic to the branch if there is one continuing to operate nearby.
  • the size and layout of certain branches is not conducive to social distancing measures
  • the need to install further protective measures for staff to properly follow the Government’s advice on social distancing
  • branch staff are required to self-isolate because of age in adherence to government advice
  • staff adhering to Government advice on isolation if they have come into contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Should a customer’s local branch close there are a number of options open to them, including:

  • digital banking through a website or smart phone app – any customer unfamiliar with these channels can contact their bank to ask for information
  • telephone banking – across the industry, banks have increased resources to call centres in order to meet the exponential increase in demand
  • ATMS are readily available and accessible
  • Banks can advise a customer about which nearby branch is open on that particular day.

“Now more than ever customers should ensure they remain ‘digital ready’ and understand how to use these channels if possible, with banks on hand to help educate customers if needed,

ABA CEO Anna Bligh

Australian Banking Association CEO Anna Bligh said, “Banks are working day and night to ensure the industry continues to meet the needs of customers across the country.

“Australia’s banks remain open, with a multitude of ways for Australians to do their banking, however at times a customer might find their local branch is temporarily closed.

“If this is the case there are a multitude of ways a customer can carry out their banking; online, through a smart phone app, through a call centre or at another nearby branch that may be open.

“Now more than ever customers should ensure they remain ‘digital ready’ and understand how to use these channels if possible, with banks on hand to help educate customers if needed,” she said.


Contact: Rory Grant 0475 741 007

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