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Family Domestic Violence (FDV) Guidelines

21 April 2021

ABA Family Domestic Violence Industry Guideline updated and released in 2021. The guideline acknowledges that banks play a role in working with customers to support them with their banking needs where they are affected by family and domestic violence. However, it is not the role of banks to deal with the broader implications of family and domestic violence.

Preventing and responding to Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) includes updates relating to:

  • Responding to abuse in transaction descriptions.
  • Reporting obligations regarding FDV.
  • Providing simple document request processes.

This guideline compliments the provisions of the Banking Code that requires member banks to take extra care with vulnerable customers, including those experiencing family or domestic violence. The Banking Code notes that a bank may only become aware of the customers vulnerability if the customer tells their bank about it. In this context extra care includes training staff to act with sensitivity, respect, and compassion, and working with customers to find a suitable way to undertake their banking. Banks will also be respectful of confidentiality, make communications easy, provide guidance to help customers to maintain and regain control of finances, and make referrals to external support where appropriate.

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