The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on margining and risk mitigation for non-centrally cleared derivatives

20 May 2016

The ABA provided APRA with its comments on the Discussion Paper: Margining and risk mitigation for non-centrally cleared derivatives. While generally supporting the comprehensive submissions by the Australian Financial Markets Association and International Swaps and Derivatives Association, the ABA and members have some specific comments on CPS 226 which are of particular importance to members.

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Economy-wide Cash Payment Limit
12 August 2019

The Australian Banking Association (ABA) supports the Government’s introduction of an economy-wide cash payment limit to businesses for goods and services. Having a taxation system that is robust and one that meets community expectations is vital and we recognise the importance of this initiative to the integrity of our tax system.

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Consultation Paper 313 – Product Intervention Power and draft Regulatory Guide
7 August 2019

We acknowledge The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) intention to provide ‘high level’ guidance, and to rely on the ordinary meaning of ‘significant detriment’. However, for the efficient implementation of this measure, maximum clarity around the meaning of this term is desirable.

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Open Banking designation instrument consultation (2nd round)
11 July 2019

Banking will be the first sector to apply the Consumer Data Right and the ABA supports the participation of more sectors over time to achieve an economy-wide open data regime.

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