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The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is the information source for the news media on the Australian banking industry, providing information, analysis and context on industry issues.

The ABA plays an active role in the public dialogue on banking and financial services, providing commentary on broader industry issues and facilitating access to other sources of information.

For media inquiries contact [email protected] or 0475 741 007.

Media Releases
Small business a critical part of Australia’s economy | UN’s World Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Day recognises crucial role  
27 June 2023

It’s World Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Day today, which highlights the importance of the Australian small business sector as the engine of the country’s economy. 

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Transcript – Anna Bligh on 4BC Brisbane – Scams and Cybersecurity
16 December 2022

BILL MCDONALD: You may remember I spoke to Blake Talbot yesterday. Now, he got in touch with the show after falling victim to one of the most elaborate and sophisticated scams I think I may have ever heard of. Now, Blake and his pregnant wife have lost their entire life savings of over $26,000. As… Read more »

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Media Releases
Millions of Australians take-up PayID to prevent scams
6 November 2022

“One of the most important steps customers can take to prevent scams today is to use PayID”

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Media Releases
Scams Awareness: Helping agricultural businesses keep safe from scams
4 November 2022

The Australian Banking Association (ABA) is encouraging farmers and small businesses in regional areas to remain vigilant for potential scams following a significant rise in 2022.

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Media Releases
Optus data-sharing to help protect customers
6 October 2022

“The whole industry has worked closely with the Australian Government to make today’s regulations possible.”

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Media Releases
Banks protecting customers on cyber security
27 September 2022

Banks have built strong cyber protection systems to keep their customers safe.

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Media Releases
Australian banks encourage customers to use PayID to combat scams
18 July 2022

“We encourage customers to find out more about PayID and a good place to start is the website payid.com.au”

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